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I recently listened to a podcast discussing creativity and pushing your limits. The artist discussed making a song in thirty minutes helped them to really learn to craft something without putting it off as creative usually do. This, combined with another writer discussing their blog, made me want to get back to writing on a blog format. I used to write through many different platforms but eventually stopped, focusing more on my published work and school. I miss having something fun to write and being able to put it out immediately. With my other writing work having to take a lot of energy, focus and time, I really wanted to have somewhere again where I can publish quickly and spend about 20-30 minutes on it only. Not giving it too much thought but just releasing what's in my brain. So, welcome to my thought receipts. The place where after perusing my brain and looking at what it has to offer, I leave with a written receipt in my hand of what I decided to grab off the shelf. There will most likely be spelling and grammar issues, probably things that don't make sense and writing that is of no interest to some. I might share some poems I'm working on, maybe some of the struggles of my novel and most definitely the journey of fatherhood. With my son about to be here this will serve as a little diary of my experiences with that as well. Hope you enjoy!

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