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un•for•tu•nate•ly release day/obelus and the eternal drip

Today, my collection of rejected short stories comes out. This collection, like most of my books, represents a time in my life. At least, for me it does. Each book reminds me of what my brain was going through then, or what was occurring in my life at the time. This collection was a time in my life where I was solely focused on one task: getting published. It represents a time of rejection, passion, hunger, pride, insecurity and eventually, joy. I've written about it here before but I love the process. Whether I'm watching a behind the scenes of a movie, seeing a new rapper develop over time or looking at the preliminary sketches of comics. The process is fascinating. This book captures the process of a writer trying to get published.

Besides my new book coming out, I also finished writing my first draft of Obelus and the Eternal Drip. It's been about a year since I started writing it. After having our second child I was a bit distracted and lost on what to write. I was in the middle of writing Rehabilitation but lost my momentum. But I picked up a pen and started flowing ideas. And now, a year later, I have some sort of fantasy/afterlife adventure that I had a blast writing. It was the first the time I've written an entire novel by hand and also without much of a plan. Usually, I outline and have a majority of things planned out. This time, not so much. Of course, it made the ending difficult to write and I'm positive I will have the most rewrites ever on this one. But it's done and I feel great about that. The difficult part is finished, now I just have to chisel away and refine the product.

As for what I'll be working on next? Well, I'm about 45,000 words into Rehabilitation so I'm trying to switch my brain over into that world again. As I'm reading over it to refresh myself, I'm pretty proud of it. There were even points where I didn't even remember writing some of it and thought it was written by someone else. Certain parts surprised me with how well it was written. Enough kudos for myself. Reading it over has reignited my fire for the story, characters and the world they dwell in. My plan is to finish it this year and hopefully publish it by the end of the year, if not then early next year. Either way, Rehabilitation will be my next published book. Obelus and the Eternal Drip will be after since I've already released two things since Reintegration. I promised myself that I would publish at least one book a year and this short story collection has bought me some time.

After I finish Rehabilitation, the next novels will be Reparation and Unfit: The Unauthorized Biography of Connor Donahue (A Novel). But I'll most likely take a break after Rehabilitation to write some more short stories. I still have a strong desire to be up on I think that will be my next goal after buttoning up these two novels in the works. Perhaps if I go hard enough, or get rejected enough, I can write enough short stories for another collection in-between novels. Hopefully.

I've said this numerous times on here, but I also hope to write some more on the site. It's hard when I become so focused on one project to switch gears. Whenever I get time to write I want to work on the project at hand, but I suppose I will make the effort to get some posts up on here. Maybe I'll even make a goal of at least one piece every month. Right now, I know I want to write a reflection on meeting my reading goal from last year and discuss what I'm changing for this year. I also want to write something about my Grandpa that passed. Hopefully I'll get those out this month. Until then, thanks for reading my neurotic writing about my writing.


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