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the end of a draft

it's done. finally. I finished my draft for Free Dom!

I looked at the document creation date and it reads July 4th, 2019. I'm not sure if I did that on purpose or not but that's actually pretty cool. I don't believe that was the start date of the writing because I'm fairly sure I began writing the story in my phone randomly one night. But either way, it's been quite the journey.

Now, the fun begins. I have to actually read it and make sure I like it. There will be much editing done and then even more I'm sure once my wife and father read it. But for now, I'm taking a breather. I got the story out of my mind and it's time to begin dreaming anew.

I venture out into the world of non-fiction next. Not that I haven't been doing my fair share of it with blogs, Mockingbird posts and Fatherly articles. But for real this time. A bigger project. A full length piece of non-fiction. There are a couple ideas of things I want to write but I'm not sure where to begin. I'm thinking I will attempt to sketch out a plan for a book on the 'heroes' of the Bible. I think things get very interesting and questionable when we actually step into the pages of the scriptures and see these people for who they really were. And see God for who he really is. And see the kind of people he likes to hang around. For me there is good news there. For some, they don't like the idea of God enjoying the presence of scoundrels. They'd rather enjoy their religion and continue pretending that one day they will finally earn the love God has because they are 'righteous' enough.

But we can get into that more later. I just think that is a great introduction into the nonfiction if I were to try to get it published because it could appeal to a wider audience than just, let's say my own views on passages of scripture. Or the imagery of doves and ravens throughout the Bible (one I really want to write). Or the other idea I have about what I've learned is still great about Christianity and why I still hold onto it, or it hold onto me? Not sure anymore.

Also, hope to get some short stories out there and keep my fiction wheel still spinning. I have another Ahoy Comics story coming out soon, keep an eye out for that if there is someone actually reading this.

Here's to hoping editing goes well and some agent is interested in my novel.

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