So we meet again, Genius Bar

For some reason I have had numerous issues with my computer. Whether it be the duplicating everything in my hard drive into four copies, the USB drives not reading or everything shutting down on me randomly; this computer is not trustworthy. I have lost episodes to podcasts, documents from school and memory space because of the malfunctions in my computer. I even took it in to get fixed because it was still under warranty, but the fix did not last.

Due to business and a tad bit of laziness, it took me a little bit over a half of a year to make it back into Apple. Even though I was still having the same issues. I eventually just learned to work around them because I didn’t want to deal with them at the store anymore. Trust issues. I eventually no longer had a choice because none of my programs would open anymore. So I found myself in front of the dude from the Genius Bar as he told me my warranty was expired and I was going to lose everything on my computer if they were going to fix it.

I guess there could be some sort of lesson in here. Something about cherishing the moments instead of always trying to capture it because I lost a ton of pictures. Or maybe something about taking care of the things you own. That’s something my father would take from this, or at least tell me to take from it. Maybe even a note about always choosing to get the longer warranty? I’m not sure what the lesson would be.

What I do know is, I am way too attached to devices. So much of my existence is out on a device. Whether its social media, the projects I’m working in writing and podcasting, my education and even most of my billing/banking. I felt like the lesson was something about being too attached to technology or devices. Then again, it’s way too late for that lesson. Instead, I wiped the computer and started all over with the little I was able to recover. In other words, I’m still attached, with no lesson learned.

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