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reflection on 2022 reading goals met

I am proud to say I completed my goal of reading three books a month. I’ve never done a reading goal in that sense before. But to improve my writing I figured I needed to read as much as possible and I’d like to think I’ve bettered my pen because of it.

Along the way I wrote little short reviews/summaries of my thoughts on the book in the hopes it would help me retain some of the content. In the end, I think it was great for searing these books into my brain. At least for the most part. Although I will say since I was ahead of schedule, sometimes when I sat down to write my reviews I had already forgotten some stuff which is ironic considering the goal. To combat this in the next year I plan on writing my summaries/reviews of books immediately after finishing them, then posting them together in one post at the end of the month.

In addition to this change with the new year, I also plan on attempting to read four books a month. With two kids, a wife, a full-time job, a house to maintain and writing goals, this might not be possible. But I’m trying to break the habit of phone time at night before bed and spend more time reading, hopefully this gives the advantage to finish four a month. I have some rather large books coming up so if I cannot meet this goal I will fess up to it. I will try though, that, I can do.

As a side note, I’ve seen videos recently and blogs about not having reading goals and slowly reading/rereading books a second time to fully take it in. It’s funny how the trends ebb and flow on the internet. Not long ago I was seeing videos about how to read more books. Perhaps it’s my algorithm trying to ruin my mental. Either way, I think I’ve landed on still trying to read as much as possible. Obviously I don’t want to make it a chore but it’s only a chore if the book is trash…*cough* Dune *cough*. (Okay not trash but a rough read, huh? Minority speak up! Movie was dope though.) To me, as a writer, the more I read the better. And there’s a ton of books I want to read. That plus the short blip of time we have on this planet leads me to want to read as much as possible. I have books on my nightstand I want to read, books on my bookcase I want to read and books on my wishlist I want to read. It’s a list that keeps growing and growing. God forbid we go to a used bookstore. I enjoy the challenge and still have fun reading. Each book is a new adventure and simultaneously a new mission to get to the end of. Maybe I'll feel different later on but for now, I enjoy trying to read as much as possible.

Here are my three favorite books from the year, in no particular order (this could likely change by tomorrow but for now, here they are):

  • The Dirk Gently Detective books (2) by Douglas Adams - These books, yes I cheated and included two of them, were absolutely a great time. They inspired the writing style of the draft I just finished of Obelus and the Eternal Drip. I love some goofy, silly English humor apparently.

  • The Perilous Adventures of the Cowboy King by Jerome Charyn - I was surprised by this book. It's use of vocabulary and unknown (to me) history was fascinating. Charyn writes beautifully.

  • The Star Wars Trilogy - These books weren't some fantastical pieces of literature but they were a blast. For years I'd been curious about the Star Wars books and I finally stepped into them. Highly recommend for anyone who has been recently disappointed by the franchise.

Thank you for following along if you have, I hope you find some good recommendations and I haven't failed you. Here's to the great reads this year and the new adventures coming this year, cheers!

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