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rainy morning, blog post

the sun spent some time with us but rain has now come. I guess march isn't completely clear of winter yet. at least it's better than the snow being back.

in the past couple weeks I've been trying my hand at satire/political pieces for McSweeney's. As of now, nothing has been taken. I'm going to keep trying and post my rejects here on the site. they only take a week to respond so it's not a terrible time of despair waiting to hear.

on the other hand, I'm also trying to get on Daily Science Fiction which I've tried submitting to before with other stories I've written. But this time I'm writing stories specifically for them. They take three weeks but I should be hearing back on one soon. I think I'm going to post more short stories on here because I have a lot and they aren't doing anything for now. I think I'm done submitting old stories places and am just going to write new ones every time. It's likely good for my writing anyways.

in other news, my son is the cutest thing ever. He loves playing with Woody and Buzz and it almost makes me tear up at times. He's the best. And so is my wife!

I've been listening to some Alan Watts lectures while at work and it got me thinking a bit. In a recent one I listened to he mentions the way that we are trained to think under Judeo-Christian frameworks. About the idea of 'being made' and 'being a thing' as opposed to the Eastern idea of 'growing' and 'being apart of everything'. I think he points out something important but he also takes a strict view on how Christian's view themselves. Certainly a fair amount think of themselves as things that aren't apart of this Earth and are leaving to go to some place in the sky. But that isn't exactly the picture the Bible paints. He goes on to discuss the idea of all of us being connected to the universe which really isn't all that different from an understanding of God creating all things and them being connected. I guess what I'm trying to say is he used a certain theology of a some Christian's to paint the entire belief system. But it doesn't have to be that way. Maybe that doesn't make sense. Anyways, that wasn't my main takeaway.

This was. He makes an extremely apt point about the structure of churches. How they are shaped and designed like courthouses. With the pews and the lifted platform the preacher stands from which resembles the seat of the judge. It's so interesting and imperative that we understand this. Most of the churches in America run off this idea of judgment and guilt. It's precisely the problem with the church today. The church doesn't preach good news anymore, it preaches attainable righteousness and inevitable guilt. It's part of the reason I'm for most churches closing. As crazy as that sounds, I think it would be the kind of revival the church actually needs. Then maybe we can get back to preaching a solid message of unconditional love and being accepted 'just as I am'. Maybe one day.

Anyways, I digress. Hopefully soon I'll have something published on McSweeney's and Daily Science Fiction and if everything goes well, perhaps my novel will be published too! One can hope. I still have another story coming out with Ahoy Comics that I think is coming out in the next couple weeks so keep an eye out for that. I guess it's time to head out into the rain for work.

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