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Please Stay Asleep (Reintegration Update #2)

I haven’t done an update on my novel in some time. Since the last post about Reintegration we have been doing our best to take care of a baby and we also had our wedding. Time has been slipping through my fingers with everything that was going on. I work best when I wake up and have time alone to write, with a hot cup of coffee. Even just writing it made me wish I was there as opposed to sitting on the recliner with the lights off and trying to type quietly so as to not wake the five-month-old monster I just put down on the other couch. Shouldn’t his mom be home by now?

There is great news in the midst of all this chaos though. Even with full-time work, finishing up my master’s, planning and having a wedding, taking care of a child and managing a marriage and household, I have written myself into chapter twenty-five of my novel! I am finally there, I am so close to the finish! There of course is much editing to do and revising, but my draft is almost complete.

The story has changed along the way a lot, not necessarily outcomes or what not, but how we get there and added storylines to help it get there too. I was also recently inspired, I think by Breaking Bad or El Camino, to write a flashback scene. I think I missed a character that I had killed off and this enabled me to use them a little more. After writing it, I realized a random flashback in the middle of the book or near the end will seem out of place or weird. So, I actually came up with about three to four more that I can sparse out throughout the book. They each add up to its own storyline which is becoming relevant near the end of the book as well. I’m not convinced I will keep them but I would like them there for now, to see if they enhance the final product.

I am currently at page 252 and it feels great to be there. I know I am so close, finally. There have also been some poems I wrote and some old ones I am trying to refine and possibly do a audio recording of them in a collection. Some other novel ideas have come to my head too and I even started one of them. It is likely to be the one I work on following this one and I have a good start and vision for it, I think the rest will move smoother after I complete this one first. Baby steps. I’m getting there. Slowly, but I am.

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