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Back when I wrote mainly poems I was in a notebook all the time. Even a majority of Reintegration was written in a notebook before I scrapped it and started over on the computer. I wrote bits and pieces of Reintegration and Free Dom in my notebook but the vast majority was written on my computer. I love typing. There's something meditative about it for me. Something rhythmic about my fingers on the keys, like pianist's fingers dancing across the piano. But there's also something undeniably magical about a pen and pad. Ink on the page. Scribbles, scratches and illegible writing. It's human. The paper with all its blemishes reveals the beauty of writing and what it entails. For this reason, among others, that's where I've found myself. Pen and pad, writing my next book.

Other reasons include my limited time. Before my second child was born I had a great routine of an hour or so for both writing and reading in the morning. Well, now it has become a bit more complicated. So I've found myself in my car on my lunch break writing in my notebook. It's worked out well so far. I wish I had more time but for the time being it is what it is. It's also allowed me to not let writing become so consuming to my brain and family life. I've taken a break from writing short stories and submitting them. Haven't had much for Mockingbird either. I'm letting this new story take priority and be the sole focus right now. Obelus is turning into a fun, fantasy story that I'm allowing to be whatever it wants to be. I've played with silliness before in my writing but this book is completely absurd and I love it.

Another reason I'm writing with pen and pad is because of something Chuck Palahniuk said in an interview. I've never read anything of his but I've seen Fight Club and listened to about half of Choke on an audiobook so that counts for something. I still know he’s a great writer and am at least intelligible enough I know I should take heed to his words. He writes everything by hand first and then transcribes it to the computer because writing on the computer has too much of a finality feel to it. As if everything you’re writing is already good to go. It’s deceiving because of it’s appearance neatly on a white background. I’ll admit, I’ve felt this feeling. It does feel like you’re writing something instantly publishable.

So with all the above circumstances, I felt it was time to try it out. Not to mention writing with a pen actually makes sense for this book. It, for me, gives the book that extra umpf once you know the context of the book. I find it freeing for the time being and am looking forward to where this story takes me. Besides this book that I’m working on, I’m still about 40,000 words into Rehabilitation (the Reintegration sequel) but haven’t touched it since Sophie was born-although I do plan on going back to it. I’m also debating putting out all my rejected short stories in a collection for fun. I feel like it would be nice to clear my slate with short stories since I’m taking a break from submitting. If I come back to it I’d like to write fresh, new stories. It’s always fun putting a book together and coming up with a concept for it so I look forward to that.

I haven’t posted an update here in quite some time so there it is. Writing Obelus has been a blast and I’m hoping this takes me through the end of the year and likely the beginning of next year then heading back to Rehabilitation but who knows. We’ll see what comes when it comes. Thanks for reading.

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