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March Reads

Alright, somehow I made it happen. I'm late and who cares really but me? Exactly. My new novel, Free Dom, is out now and available here. Would love if you read it and reviewed it yourself! Anyway, here are my three books for March. Because of the circumstances, it was easier for me to make two of my choices this week comic book series. I finished both of them this month and had been waiting to for quite some time, so it all worked out. Enjoy!

DAREDEVIL by Chip Zdarsky


This 36-issue series has been quite the ride! I started picking up the issues a while back (before I realized how expensive comic books added up to over time) and it survived the cut when I got rid of a bunch of series on my pull-list. My favorite issues have to be when Checchetto is on the art. His work makes the pages come alive and I was disappointed anytime another artist hopped on for an issue or two. Besides that, the storyline was awesome. Daredevil is slowly becoming a favorite character of mine and this toe-in-the-water reading of mine made me want to look at the older classic Daredevil runs. In this run, you truly get to understand what Daredevil is all about. The influence of his Catholicism is heavy and helps make sense of how he views judgment, grace and the law. The only reason for the four rating was because of the interference of other storylines Marvel had going on that they shove into all the books to sell more comics. I didn't like that and for that reason, am not picking up any current series right now (besides Batman but am debating losing that too.) I think my place is more in omnibuses and compendiums. Anyways, check out the new series in trade paperback if you want!



Douglas Adams has done it again! This book was another fun journey with the delightful detective, Dirk Gently. In this one, he's back at it with another case that he thinks he can solve. Of course, in his own peculiar way. Adams doesn't just replicate the original novel with this one, which I appreciated. When you have a successful story it's likely tempting to just copy the formula but he flipped it around on this one. There's mythology, gods, supernatural occurrences and the proper amount of murder. Once again Adams' writing is hilarious and witty, brilliant crafted. I only wish he could've written more of these. Definitely recommend!



Enjoying a Tom King book has become a comic book crime these days. At least from what I read on the internet. Although he isn't well liked, I can't help but enjoy his storytelling and twisted ways of flipping well-known characters on their heads. In this one he does so with Adam Strange. This is another one where the art is undeniably gorgeous. Evan Shaner and Mitch Gerads are phenomenally talented. The writing is paced perfectly as we slowly learn about the events in which Adam Strange is being investigated for. While away on another planet it appears that the war hero Adam Strange might've made some troubling deals. You get to follow along and learn what truly happened. This also introduced me to Mr. Terrific who I was unaware of and now am interested in learning more about. Tom King has done it again for me and also, he's picked a great team of artists to help paint the story he wants to tell. Grab this one if you can!

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