lent and the far away god

every year lent rolls around and we hear the same old jargon. its a time to get closer to god.

no one ever asks the question: how far is he?

I mean if we can get closer and farther, are we saying some are closer than others? it seems this idea of "being close to God" is another tool used for marketing to people who feel helpless and hopeless. it's another idea that can be utilized for self-righteousness.

if there was an actual distance between us and god, is it measurable? and if we have to do all this stuff to get closer to god, then what the hell did Jesus do for us? Last time I checked, the Holy Spirit lived inside us. how much closer can we get?

this messaging teaches people that God plays a game of cat and mouse. A game where you have to chase him down and get his attention via good works or good deeds, or even abstaining from drinking coke for a week or two. That'll get him to come next to me. I like the message of a god who gave something up for me better. what happened to that one? that one reminded me of good news. that one was an easy yoke.

sure, I guess people can be more 'aware' of their relationship with God. but even that language becomes questionable. there is nothing to do to get God to come closer or to get us closer. god is here. its too late. the decision was already made without our input. there is no game needed to play, it's game over. we're already at the pizza place playing arcade games. god is handing out quarters. go and grab one.

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