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John Wick: Chapter Three

John Wick kicks ass. Plain and simple. It’s one of those movies you go into without expecting some great plot and believable storyline. No, this isn’t a movie for those kind of people. All expectations must be dropped at the door and be ready to watch some intense hand to hand combat. That isn’t the usual movie I am always down for. However, the fact that Keanu Reaves does his own stunts is something impressive to me. It enhances the movie watching experience knowing that fact.

I thought this was the last film, but considering how it ended it doesn’t look like it. I am excited about that. My only gripe would be the last fight scene. I was hoping for some more variety in it. They pulled a couple of the same moves over and over to where it felt redundant. Mainly the disappearing and reappearing, but also the throwing through glass.

Regardless of that, I love how John Wick’s movies are just one continuous stream of story. They are called “chapters” because they continue to pick up where the other one left off, immediately. There is no break for John Wick. The movie series doesn’t take itself too seriously but at the same time delivers on what it knows it specializes in.

4/5 for me on this one. Looking forward to the next.

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