I Gave Up my Constituents for Lent and Took Some Needed Self-Care Time

After the kind of year we all had in 2020, I knew this year’s Lent I had to do something drastic. I had to give up something for the next forty days that would truly impact me. Usually I struggle trying to find what it is I should give up. But this year, it came to me easily. No more low stakes Lent for me. This year I decided to give up my constituents for Lent. And let me tell you, what an experience it’s been.

With all my free time I’ve been able to pursue things I otherwise wouldn’t have been able to. For example, how could I have gone so many years without ever trying the Shamrock Shake? Who knew they could mix it in with the Oreo McFlurry? Why didn’t anybody tell me? Also, while I was there I noticed McDonald’s has a new chicken sandwich. Mm mmm mmm. Delicious. If you haven’t tried it, you must. Besides that, I was finally able to make it out to our vacation lake house. The wife had a long list of house maintenance that needed to be completed. A list so long, I thought I was back in Washington voting on a bill for a second. (I quickly wiped that thought from my brow and remembered my Lent sacrifice). Then I resumed cleaning the stained glass firepit and polished the marble statues which my wife calls art. I call them a waste of money, but oh well, ‘happy wife happy life’, right?

I was supposed to feed the platinum Arowanas in the pond and clean the clogged butter out of the popcorn machine but got distracted. Honestly, I hadn’t heard about the HBO/Warner Brother’s movie deal. But once I saw a new Denzel feature and that they brought back Tom and Jerry I had to take a break. I love that little mouse. I plopped down on one of the recliners in our theater room, thankfully the ICEE machine still worked but I unfortunately I had to miss out on the popcorn. Damnit. Praise the Lord for snack cabinets! It was a difficult decision between the Milk Duds and Twizzlers so you know I had to go with both. Good thing I didn’t choose sweets for Lent, am I right?

All in all, I must say this Lent thing is actually working out for me. It’s given me the time needed to get my priorities straight. To focus on what matters most. ‘Self-care’ I think the kids are calling it these days. Plus, my constituents will still be there come Easter. They’ll understand I needed this break.

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