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every time I say I'm going to write more on here it only lasts for a brief period and then I go back to neglecting it. But a recent charge to my credit card for the domain and website services have made realize I should utilize this more often.

I'm currently editing Free Dom, prepping it for my wife's eyes. It's going well and I'm feeling proud of it. My plan is to keep tweaking it and eventually, after my wife's notes, send it to some trusted friends of mine to get their thoughts on it. Once that's done, I plan to begin sending it out to as many agents/publishers as possible. I feel good about this one.

Until then, I had my second story published with Ahoy Comics and submitted six more that I'm waiting to hear back on. I feel like two of them are fairly strong. I'm also waiting to hear back from Daily Science Fiction about a story I submitted. It's been hard trying to get on their site because no feedback is given, but I do feel like this one is solid. We will see.

I've begun a little on my non-fiction book and started brainstorming about my next novel but haven't made much progress because I'm still spending a lot of energy and time on Free Dom. However, it's nice to know there is a slightly paved road for me after I'm done.

One thing that has been extremely encouraging for me is a book I came across, The Book of Strange New Things by Michel Faber. It's a story of a pastor who is selected to go to a new settlement on another planet. He's a missionary attempting to convert the alien species that lives on this new planet. The encouraging part for me is the fact that there is a book out there like this. It's not a Christian book or a religious book but still a novel about a pastor which gives me hope about my book. Not too mention it's something I've thought about writing and it's sweet to see someone out there who executed it.

I need to read more. The more I read the better I feel I write or at least the stronger my thinking is about my writing. I'm feeling real hopeful about Free Dom. I've got to get back to it. Here's to hope!

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