Hell House

I am Legend is high up on my list of enjoyed readings and favorite movies. They have a ton of differences but I still rank them at the top when it comes to lists. Richard Matheson is the author of the original book, so I decided to grab another one of his stories. Hell House. A supposed classic and even what Stephen King declared his inspiration for writing in the horror genre. The reviews were praiseworthy, so I jumped right in. I wasn’t disappointed.

I haven’t read in the horror genre much, so it was my first go at it. I had the expectations of a scary movie but it had a different feel to it. Instead of chapters, Matheson separated it by days and times. The book spans over the course of maybe three to four days. It covers a group of paid paranormal curious explorers from a multitude of backgrounds. These backgrounds shape their interactions in this historically haunted and demented house. I won’t go into detail but it really is what shaped the whole plot. The identities these characters clung to, defined how they were treated and perceived all the events of the house. Whether it be dinnerware flying around, bodies being found, steam room encounters or the ripping and tearing of nipples with bite marks. Yes, the book gets a tiny bit weird.

I won’t get into all those details, however I thoroughly enjoyed the characters journey’s through Hell House. And in the end, the main haunting factor was really, well, human. He was an insecure and afraid short man. Fischer, one of the lead characters, confronts this ghoul and declares the truth over him. He screams at how he is a little man, mothered by a whore and severely perverted. But after the declaration of truth, he gives him a nugget of grace. “God be with you.” A declaration of who you are and a promise of the acceptance of that person. Isn’t this what frees us all within this Hell House world?

I give the book a solid 5/5.

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