im watching the sun shine off the leftover settled snow from the recent storm and I feel grateful. I've only been in Ohio about eight months but the sun and I have definitely drifted apart. we used to be close companions, back in California. But I do love having a sense of thankfulness for it now.

speaking of thankfulness, I can't help but feel grateful today because my first short story is officially published and available in comic book stores. its often difficult for me to take a second and appreciate where I've grown in my writing. usually it's off to thinking about the next goal and wanting to be there as opposed to seeing what I've done in that moment.

but today, I'm trying to be grateful.

I used to not write. Until a co-worker told me I should start a blog. I blogged for a bit on Tumblr, then moved on to Odyssey thinking it would be great. I ended up making $20 bucks that I never received for most popular post with my college group but left the site because they kept editing my stuff and not allowing me to write what I wanted. I then created a website with some friends and blogged there. That fell apart and I then created this website where you're reading me now. I feel like this is where my blog will reside for some time but I'm not sure what it will look like. My focus has died down on my blog as I've ventured into other writing, which reminds me...

I used to dream about writing for Mockingbird, a publication I love. I eventually figured out they take submissions, thanks to my brother, and sent in my first post. I couldn't believe they accepted it and then I kept trying to get more on their site. Now, years later, they have me as a regular submitter with my own author's page. Along the way I've also written for a friend's website and for Fatherly a couple times but nothing that was a dream of mine like Mockingbird.

I've self-published my own books, poetry and fiction, to no real sales but the point was I developed an idea and then made it a reality. They all took a while to put together and actually have available in my hands. It was a process but over the years I've self-published four projects.

I then finished my first novel that I'd been working on for almost three years on and off. Even though I always said I'd finish it, it was such a surprise when I actually did. I like dreaming more about things than the actual reality sometimes. I started another novel which I am very close to finishing now, and think has high chances of being published.

When it comes to short stories, I've always just written them in my notebook and that was where they stayed. I was practicing. Practicing for novel writing. But then I came across Ahoy Comics. I love comics and the opportunity to be in one was glorious to me. I spent a whole year writing stories that were rejected. Of course the sending and waiting to hear back process is very long but still, it was quite a bit of rejected stories along the way. Not just with Ahoy but many other publications. And now, I finally have two short stories being published and paid for.

I guess today I'm trying to be thankful instead of looking towards what I haven't accomplished. I've done a lot of what I've wanted and said I was going to do. And there's still plenty of time. It's a bit cliche, I know. Appreciate what you have, yada, yada, yada...

But I think I will today. I think today I will be proud of myself and enjoy the fruits of my labor.

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