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February Reads

In March I will be working on going through my book, Free Dom, for final changes. I also have my new daughter so I’m unsure how many books I’ll get to but I might instead read through my stack of comics that I haven’t touched in a long time. If so, I’ll come back with three of my favorite series that I’ve been reading over the past couple years. See you then!

THE LOST WORLD by Michael Crichton


Michael Crichton is back with his Jurassic Park sequel, The Lost World. What I enjoyed about this book was Ian Malcolm being a focal point. He was a main character before but it felt as if he took the stage more in this novel. I debated between three and four nails however, because although the story was different, it felt like a reiteration of the first novel. Of course, there were new characters and new dinosaurs but in the end it felt replaceable with the first one in some sense. There even two children again and when they were introduced I had a feeling something was up. Besides that, still a fun read and because I did have fun through most of it, I give it four nails. (As a side note, I can’t wait for the new Jurassic World movie. I wonder what Crichton would think of the further interpretation of his idea. I’d like to think he would love the expansion on it but perhaps it’s better left unknown.)



I have been waiting to read this book for quite some time. The reason I was hesitant had to do with the fact I’d just consecutively gone through the entire Hitchiker’s Guide series last year. I wanted to give myself some space between the two and let Adams take a bit of a break in my mind. But now, having read Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency, I can say that I wish I never took the break. This book was so fun and silly and at the same time enticing. The mystery wrapped up in the book was intriguing and had it’s moments of classic Adams silliness that I’d grown to love through the Hitchiker series. This book contains what I believe is one my favorite character in all my reading. He’s defined by a couch that was being delivered and got stuck in his staircase. It was unable to be moved and no one could use the staircase to get into the apartment easily. This resulted in his girlfriend moving and leaving him, and naturally, him losing his mind a bit. He then programs a system to devise the mathematical way of how to get it out from the angles which entrapped it. The program results show that it is mathematically impossible to take the couch out and, even more bizarre, mathematically impossible for it to have even got into such a position. And thus, a mystery begins. I’ve never heard of a better character. For this and the entire story, including the other cast of silly characters along the way, it receives a full five nails!



Every once in a while I feel the need to read something defined as a “classic.” Generally, I don’t like them. I don’t know what it is but it sometimes feels like this weird writer thing where you must like all the classics of the past. But sometimes they are just not that good. Obviously the classics are what gave birth to the world today. H.G. Wells is the man behind numerous ideas that are still prevalent and popular in today’s entertainment world. For instance, this book. Time traveling is something everyone in the world is interested in and he, while not the very first, was one of the originators of experimenting with such an idea in literature. The beginning of the book had me hooked. It starts with a group of men discussing ideas and the characters are all named in clever ways. But then it breaks off into someone telling a story and the rest of the book is just them talking to the group in one big swath of dialogue. And to be honest, what happens to the Time Traveler in the future is meh. However, like I said, I understand the importance of these works and that is why I still try to make sure I get one in every once in a while. I believe it is good not only for your writing but the expansion of your brain to branch out and try new things (even though in this case, it is an old thing). Even though some might scoff, I grant this book three nails.

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