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December Reads

The last month. I made it!



Like many others, Loki has quickly become one of my favorite MCU characters since the Loki show on Disney+. I even wrote something about it on Mockingbird. But I hadn’t really read much of his comics. There was a recent run which I read while it was being released but it was short and ended too quickly. It was enough of a taste that I wanted more though. And so I finally ordered this collection. Ewing isn’t my favorite writer, I gave up on his Immortal Hulk run a while back because I was a little lost. That tends to happen in newer comics because their storylines are all intertwined and frankly, it’s a money machine. You must read this one to know that one and this one to know that one and then this entire run to know this one. It’s difficult to keep up with and there were moments even in this collection where I didn’t understand references and characters. It’s a lot like reading the Bible and you need time in the pages to really know things. But this run was overall a good time. Loki is once again trying to prove his worth and change his ways although he seems to be struggling as Loki’s tend to do. His attempts at righting his wrongs lead the reader on voyages and adventures which lead you to realms you’ve never known existed! There’s also plenty of cameos from well known characters that are a blast. This collection wasn’t heavily laden with references to other comic books and for the most part easily understandable, I would recommend it to anyone wanting to have some more fun with Loki. My next adventure with him will be in his earlier runs, the older the comic the better and more stable it usually is. At least that’s my opinion after spending an ungodly amount of money on them for years.



Back for the second in the trilogy and it was just as good as the first. After having their plans foiled, the broken pieces of the Empire once again try to find a new way to build their army, meanwhile another part of their plan begins to blossom. Luke finds himself struggling with someone who handles the force in a different way than he’s ever seen. He’s also finding himself uniquely connected to a certain someone who has a past he’s yet to fully decipher. Of course, during all this there are numerous adventures and explorations. One that Leia and Chewbacca go on that is rather interesting. This book made me genuinely interested in the Wookies and the possibility of an entire Wookie central story. You get to learn about two different species and their home planet, and how the empire has ruined them. Grand Admiral Thrawn is becoming a favorite villain of mine and I can’t wait to see if he’s depicted in a live action role. This was another great entry to the trilogy and it begs the question why these weren’t made into movies over the god awful ones disney made. Anyway, i’m looking forward to the third and last installment next month!



I’ve listened to Chad Bird on podcasts and read some of his writing on Mockingbird, however I had yet to actually read a full work by him-of which, he has many. But when I saw what this one was about, reading the Old Testament with Jesus as the interpretive key, I knew I had to read it. Not to mention the gorgeous cover it bears. Chad does a great job of making things easy to understand. It’s no news that the Old Testament can be rather boring, or extremely boring for that matter. Chad knows this, he’s studied it most of his life. And he isn’t shy about it. But what he will tell you is how important understanding the Old Testament is not only for the rest of the New Testament but also for the good of the christian life and understanding God correctly. There is so much good news in this book and a lot to enlighten ones self with. I can’t recommend it enough. If you’re interested in learning about how to spot typology, imagery, metaphors, prophecy and shadows of Jesus and the gospel that would come with him in the Old Testament, this book is for you. It’s not exhaustive nor is it meant to be. But it will get you started and flick a light on to guide you as you explore the OT.

If we read the Old Testament searching for role models, we might all end up intoxicated, fratricidal polygamists who impregnate our daughters-in-law and build temples for child sacrifice. No, a moralizing, imitative approach to the stories of Israel is a recipe for interpretive disaster. (pg. 3)

To read the creation account is like reading about a cosmic liturgy overseen by a divine priest. (pg. 111)

Thank you if you've followed along the entire year! We made it! If you read any of the books, I hope you enjoyed it. My plan is to do this again next year. I also want to write a recap of my experience, maybe this week.

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