Brightburn was on the top of my mental list of movies I was eagerly awaiting. It did not let me down. From the beginning, it appeared as if this movie would be an alternate universe asking the question: What if Superman was bad? In a way, this is what the movie is about. Without actually saying it or giving credence to it, the movie answers the question. It would be absolutely glorious to watch.

The movie flips the classic beginnings of a hero and turns them into horror moments of realization for little Brandon Breyer. We see him grow into the disturbed boy he is, and we can kind of understand how he would be confused and vengeful, as he is. He is promised unconditional love, yet no one truly accepts him. His own mother swears she’ll always love him, but secretly tries to kill him. Understandably so, he was murdering people. However, the point stands. Acceptance is a huge deal.

When one doesn’t feel accepted or loved as they are, they are usually bound to react in one of two ways. One is pretend to be something to make you happier or lean more towards accepting them. The other is continue down the path that makes you not accept them. It pushes others to continue in rebellion. This was the case with Brandon Breyer.

It makes you wonder about yourself and those around you. How can we believe we don’t need to take one of those routes, and just see ourselves as we are. And also, how can we make others around us know we’re cool with people how they are.

Whatever the thoughts are after the movie, it is an excellent display of horror, superhero action and emotional dynamics.

Worth the watch and lived up to the hype, 5/5 for me, no complaints.

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