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behind green eyes, a poem

his eyes pierce me

like two additional claws he's grown

through evolution and survival of the fittest

in this house

with the two additions that have joined us.

but today,

we get a moment by the fire,

mama at work

baby asleep,

so he lays out

like he's posing for his cover issue of Modern Cat

and I can see the envy in the

green of his eyes,

his pupil a tiny island

being consumed by a sea of jealousy.

his back arches and he rolls back

and forth

on the rug covered in his fur

as I scratch all his favorite

and recently neglected spots.

I stop his tail from whipping

into the flames

and whisper to him

about our days past

and the nights

where he was my

only companion

and we would talk until our eyes closed,

his wet nose rubs against my arm

while I whisper

and it feels like reminiscence.

I do my best to explain

how we've upgraded

and created a family now

but his scathing meows in response


we're on different pages.

"Shh, you'll wake the baby."

I say.

this, we can agree on.

so, we set our differences aside

and watch the flames flicker off each other's faces

remembering nothing but

the current moment.

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