I didn’t remember how much of a musical Aladdin was before I sat down in seat C7. It didn’t matter though, I was excited to see the live action version of this Disney classic. And Will Smith as the Genie? Sign me up.

Even though there was all the singing, the choreography along with it, the voices and the music made it worth it. While they of course added some new things to the mix to keep it relevant, it was very close to the original in a respected way. I appreciated that.

Will Smith in no way outshined the explosive Robin Williams as Genie, but he gave himself his own lane. He gave the Genie his own flavor without losing touch with what we loved about him, a theme for the whole remake.

Aladdin is the classic story of a boy who wished he was someone else and a woman who felt the same. Not comfortable in their own skin, they desired a different kind of life. In the end, they both learn to accept who they are and are then able to admit it to others. This journey is one all too familiar with real life. Whether you are a nobody in Cypress, or the King Ali Baba.

4/5 for me.

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