a good morning, a poem

it was a good morning

dishes with smeared ketchup residue

and pans united with fried egg

piled up in the sink

flakes of sesame sunflower seed sourdough

littered the floor next to

stains of chalula drips

the unaddressed wedding invites

laid scattered on the kitchen table

where the roll of stamps hung off the side

in a coiled descent

the empty couches were reclined,

Mowgli the cat's food bowl was awaiting a refill

and the feces to sand ratio of his litter box

was fairly uneven

my son was practicing how to

scream, cry and kick

and seemed to be a perfectionist

he was upstairs with my wife

who was waiting to pick apart

contestants on reality tv with me


it was a good morning

my mug was full of dark roast

and I wrote a full page


it was a good morning.

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