A Book of Poems

     Imagine yourself as a house, nothing fancy though. Maybe you're just an average house with some paint chipping and fading, grass in need of some trimming and maybe your trashcan is still out on the curb four days after the designated pick up day. Now look through the windows of this house, what do you see? Different rooms and perceptions of what this house is all about. Well, as you read this you are standing on the welcome mat of a metaphorical house that is me. Feel free to peruse the grounds, I've left the curtains open on some of the windows for you to peek in. Open these pages and take a look if you wish, I hope you enjoy what you find.

A Book of Poems

     What began as a journey through a poetry class turned into a compilation of word frame windows peering into someone's life. With contributions from significant others, friends and family Blake navigates through the thoughts of his brain. Looking through these windows you will see a transformation of skill, the working out of personal insecurities and scars, but ultimately you will tag along on a messy love story.

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A Short Novel

     One man who has fought for control most of his life, and has the dead bodies to prove it, learns that eventually the steering wheel loosens from your grip. Another man learns redemption is a hard task to accomplish alone, especially being a drunk detective set on revenge mission. These two stories intertwine, as one of the greatest symphonies comes together and plays before us.

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A Book of Poems

     WINDEX is a collection of poems spanning from the first trimester of Blake's first child, Cash, all the way until his first year birthday. There are numerous poems about the anxiousness of expecting, the stress of the arrival and learning how to adapt to having a child. In between these are a mixture of thoughts on a plethora of topics ranging from lonely old men feeding birds to traveling around in Switzerland and the longing desire for being published to the power of the word "no". Open up the cover and read along to find out how an impatient, overthinking and insecure boy tries to process the life of an adult man becoming a father.