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     Well, I'm a husband and father of two. I also work in a warehouse where I slowly waste away. Oh yeah, and I like to write. I received my Bachelor's in Biblical Studies and Theology and despite the job offers pouring in, somehow still ended up in a warehouse. After that, I received my Master's in Creative Writing, which I always add was an online program. I've been told not to do so but I must let you know unless you find out behind my back and then whisper things like: "Yeah, but it was an online school."      


You can find me watching movies or tv shows with my wife on our aesthetically pleasing couch (which I must angle myself at 196 degrees to get comfortable on), trying to find where I was at in a book after my son stole my bookmark out of it or typing away on my computer hoping it sounds as good as it does in my head. 

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