I would assume you know my name is Blake Nail if you are on this site, but if not, there you go. I enjoy writing whether it be poetry, fiction, non-fiction, blogs or travel writing. Any kind of writing I can do to just get thoughts out of my head is what draws me in. I'm not a huge literary person who can quote the classics, but I do love the idea of words on a page constructed to tell some sort of story, in whatever form that might be. 


As of now, I work in a warehouse and write on the side for fun. I have some self-published books on Amazon you can find in the "Books" tab, currently trying to get a novel published and working on another. I would love to continue to grow as a writer and develop some stories I have in my mind. Other than that, I live in Ohio with my wife and son. I enjoy watching movies, reading, going on bike rides and not being too social. If I'm not on my bike or at work, you can usually find me indoors. 

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